Ground Name : Kensington Oval
Pitch Type : Wet
Capacity : 11,000

Shadows :
Well, They are a very talented side indeed, however they have failed to meet everyone's expectations. That isn't even the worst part, the worst part is that they have failed to meet their OWN expectation. There isn't really much to say about this team rn. One word to describe them rn is DISAPPOINTING. They face a MUST win match tonight, since its a 4 ODI match . They still have a chance to tie the series up however they MUST take one match a time for now. Will they keep their hopes alive to tie the series up ? or will they fall tonight against the Hawks once more? . Lets wait and find out.


Undoubtedly he has been the best bowlers for the Shadows. Anurag has been bowling out of the world. It'll take a miracle bowling perfomance,which he is FULLY capable of doing, to give the shadows a win.

The Blue Knight Hawks :
Well well well, they have surprised everyone so far. They were def. considered the underdogs in this series. However that is not the case, they have overcame all the obstacle, especially after a poor T20 knockout. As they say though, you can't keep hard work down for too long . This team has worked hard and hard and hard and finally its paying off. This is the moment, they HAVE to win this match to secure a win for themselves. Can the Hawks close this series out with the help of Fardin Kibria, Akash Dharmaraja , Shakib Al Hassan , Arpit Jain and all the others ? Lets wait and find out tonight.


Mr.Big Game . Thats what he is known for. When the light shines the brightest you can expect this guy to step up and score. He was 180 not out last game and will want to continue his excellent form and wrap this series up.